Top 5 Travel Apps For Budget Travel

I recently posted a video (watch below) covering 5 apps that have helped Sarah and I save money! Knowing some people would rather read while on the commute I wanted to list them fro you here. Happy Traveling!


Pros: Easy to use interface, allows you to watch flights for specific dates and sends notifications on when to buy, can customize which airlines you want to see (Basic Fares: Spirit, Frontier, etc.), price predictions, can customize layover restrictions, has desktop website.

Cons: Southwest not included - this is not Hopper’s fault, it is the business model of Southwest to not work with any third party affiliates (still a bummer though), no longer able to choose flexible dates,

Who’s it for: Planners. If you are someone who plans trips months in advance you will save a lot of money utilizing Hopper. International travelers will also benefit from the time and effort saving options of Hopper.

Download Hopper at:


Pros: Amazing deals on last minute hotel rooms, membership program gives deeper discounts the more you book, beautiful interface and great room information, member reviews and photos uploaded to the app.

Cons: mobile only, daily drop is only available once per day including all locations (can be tough if road tripping),

Who’s it for: Last minute travelers, business travelers who have flexibility, solo travelers, couple travelers, digital nomads.

Download HotelTonight at:
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Google Maps Explore

Pros: Most commonly used navigation and review system on the planet, has everything including upcoming events, restaurants, cocktail spots, etc.

Cons: If you don’t like Google?

Who’s it for: Anyone and everyone

Download Google Maps at: Android | Apple iTunes

The Outbound Collective

Pros: Community driven, real people means real reviews, a great way to see where locals are spending time outdoors when traveling to a new city or region.

Cons: Being 100% community driven it may not show all available trails in the area.

Who’s it for: Outdoor lovers, travelers looking for day hikes, people looking for new camping spots in their region, outdoor photographers.

Join The Outbound Collective at:


Pros: In almost every location around the world, flexibility for budgets, size, amount of people, and location.

Cons: Airbnb’s will not come with the hotel amenities some travelers may be used to. That being said, the options to choose exactly what you location and budget is should take care of this if you do your research.

Who’s it for: Any travelers spending more than 2 nights at one location, travelers looking for a home away from home, travelers with dietary restrictions.

Join Airbnb at:
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I hope these apps make traveling as enjoyable for you as it has me. For more information on each app, check out my YouTube video below!

Any questions shoot me an email or comment on my YouTube video.