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Hail, Hail, Hail, Alma Mater

Cody and I met back in college while attending Kansas State University.  We love our college town of Manhattan, Kansas and sharing the same Alma Mater makes our college years that much sweeter.  It also makes trip back to Manhattan filled with friends, laughter, and countless shared memories.

Although we have been married for almost a year and a half now and graduates of Kansas State for almost three years, we still had yet to return to Manhattan together since graduating.  While taking a trip to see family over Thanksgiving, it was obvious that we needed to stop in Manhattan for a football game against our biggest rivals, the Kansas Jayhawks.  

We knew that we would not have much time in Manhattan before we would have to continue home to Chicago, so we didn't book a hotel room or make any plans other than obtaining tickets to the football game.  

Sometimes not having a plan tends to work in our favor.  We left bright and early from Wichita to make time for tailgating before the game started at 11 AM.  If you ever find yourself passing through Kansas on I-70, Manhattan isn't a place to be missed, especially on a Saturday game day.  Tailgates spread across the open fields and parking lots.  We popped open a couple beers and enjoyed the time with old friends before heading into the game.


Besides football, there is always something to keep one occupied in Manhattan, including lots of great restaurants.  After the game, we headed to our favorite place for a late lunch at Taco Lucha.  Lucha shares a kitchen and is connected with So Long Saloon, another great place to grab a bite. Taco Lucha offers the best tacos I have ever had.  (Sorry to the hundreds of places in Chicago).  We both started off with a Nancy-a pineapple beer- and their famous chipotle raspberry black bean dip.  That was quickly polished off and followed by a few of their tacos, including their buffalo chicken taco, our personal favorite.  

Some other phenomenal restaurants, bites, and places to enjoy friends are The Chef, Bourbon and Baker, Bluestem Bistro, Varsity Donuts, and Harry's Restaurant.  For as small of a city as Manhattan is, it has an incredible restaurant scene that will take anyone by surprise.  Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit all of them, but we will be back!

In the evening we hit up some of our favorite bars including Auntie Mae's and Rock-a-Belly Deli.  Both offer a broad drink menu sure to please everyone.  Auntie Mae's has a photo booth, that for $3, gave us some quality pictures during our college years.  We ended the night at the Varsity Donuts truck to really relive college by eating late night corn dogs and grilled cheese mac & cheese.  Neither are to be missed for those late night cravings.

Our favorite app for last minute hotel deals, HotelTonight, saved us again.  We were able to snag a room at the Bluemont Hotel.  The hotel is only a couple years old, offers spacious rooms, great service, and the best location in town.  It is situated on the corner where Aggieville, Manhattan's bar district, meets campus.  We highly recommend this hotel! 

Our time in Manhattan was too short but every minute was filled with laughter and lots of solid reminiscing.  We love Manhattan and we hope any and all visitors do as well! 

Charleston, South Carolina
Sarah outside the piazza at the Governer's House Inn

Sarah outside the piazza at the Governer's House Inn

The first couple days of our honeymoon were spent in Charleston, South Carolina, where we got to experience some excellent cuisine, southern hospitality, and humid weather.  After rolling into Charleston around 1:00 AM, we were grateful for a comfortable bed and cool room at the Governor's House Inn, a bed and breakfast located in the historic downtown area.  

The Governor's House Inn was one of my favorite parts of our honeymoon.  The historic home was built in 1760 and is a true testament to the grandeur of the era.  Each room was beautiful and stately.  The breakfast each morning was delicious and kept us full well into the afternoon, even after a day of walking among Charleston's unique alleys and seeing it's beautiful architecture.  

A beautiful home near Rainbow Row

A beautiful home near Rainbow Row

One of the highlights of our time in Charleston was the unique Rainbow Row, featuring homes painted in beautiful pastels.  As a souvenir from our trip, we picked out a painting from a local artist, capturing the beauty of this stretch of homes.  

We found that one of the best ways to see the city is on one of the many carriage rides.  This is a great way to get off your feet for a bit, learn about this city from a tour guide, and really travel about in the same way people would have if it were the 1700s.  Our tour was through the Palmetto Carriage Company and our tour guide did a wonderful job pointing out unique facts about the city as we slowly made our way through on the carriage. 

To wind down the first full day of the honeymoon, we indulged in a decadent dinner at the Charleston Grill.  After starting off the meal with the most delicious crab cake either of us had ever had, we enjoyed the live music before our meals of branzino and guinea hen.  We ended the meal with a complimentary taste of dessert wine with a sampling of their desserts.  

As a nightcap to our final evening in Charleston, we sought out The Gin Joint, a small bar with a plethora of drink options.  What set this bar apart from your average bar, was that we had the option to choose two adjectives and then the bartender creates a drink for you.  Cody chose "refreshing" and "unusual" and Sarah went with "sweet" and "fizzy."  Both drinks turned out to be top notch.  Even if we had not been satisfied with our drinks, we could have sent them back for another attempt, free of charge.    

We found ourselves back in Charleston for a few hours at the end of our trip for a final lunch before our flight home. We ate at Poogan's Porch, enjoying a yummy brunch of pulled pork eggs Benedict and cinnamon French toast topped with pecans and strawberries. The restaurant was in an old house that had been converted.  It was a filling last southern meal to send us back to Chicago. 

Cinnamon French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

Overall, Charleston provided lots of history, relaxation, and hospitality.  If you find yourself in the south, definitely put this city on your list of stops!