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Five Reasons To Get To Your Local Conservatory

It's January in Chicago and we just had 60 degree weather... on a Saturday! We weren't sure to blame global warning or thank the Lord, but decided to get outside and take advantage of it. After enjoying a walk on the Lakefront Trail and through Lincoln Park Zoo, Sarah mentioned heading into the Lincoln Park Conservatory

After stumbling around in awe for the next hour or so we realized conservatories are some of the best kept secrets in Chicago (and probably every major city). We've taken it upon ourselves to brainstorm reasons why you too should go enjoy the closest conservatory. 

  1. Get Lost in Nature, While Living in a City
    Do you live in the city and ever just want to be out in nature? We do all the time.  It is a great way for us to witness the beauty of nature without leaving the city. It almost tricks your mind into thinking you've just started a hike in the jungle, until you remember there is a ceiling above you. 
  2. They are Romantic
    There is something about being surrounded by gorgeous greenery, bright flowers, and bubbling waterfalls that makes you want to be with someone you love.  A conservatory is a wonderful place to share a conversation or just hold your partner's hand as you meander through the lush scenery.   Take a seat on one of the benches and enjoy the company and beauty of your surroundings. 
  3. Practice Your Photography Skills
    Conservatories are a great place to practice and take photos of all types. Obviously you can take photographs of the beautiful plants, landscapes of the room, but we also witnessed a number of people taking engagement or portrait sessions with the plants acting as a beautiful backdrop. If this is your reason, we suggest visiting an hour or two before sunset to get beautiful golden rays streaming through the glass ceilings.
  4. A Beautiful Spot to Get Away
    Sometimes you just need some alone time. When we visited there were plenty of people enjoying books, meditation, or just relaxing on the benches scattered throughout. This is a quiet place to get some deep thinking done and escape any other distractions.
  5. They Are Free (At Least in Chicago!)
    If you are looking for a free way to spend the afternoon, conservatories are just the ticket. Whether it is in addition to any of the reasons above or just something free to do for a couple hours, the conservatory is not a bad option.  (You may have to do some research of your own to see if your local conservatory offers admission free of charge.)

These are a few of the many amazing reasons to visit your local conservatory. Your local park district does a stellar job of keeping them beautiful.  Now go take advantage of it!