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60 Degrees in February?!

When the weather takes a turn for the better, people come out of hiding in Chicago.  Everyone is out and about, getting their sunshine fix and enjoying what this beautiful city has to offer.  A few months ago we made our way up to Rogers Park, the northernmost neighborhood in Chicago.  We loved the eclectic mix of people and the quieter beaches.  

As soon as we knew the weather was going to warm this weekend, we wanted to return to Rogers Park and Edgewater, simply to walk along the beach.  Foster Beach is much quieter than North Avenue Beach while still large and accessible.  It is a great option for days like this weekend where we wanted a bit more solitude while still enjoying the lake and sun. The Lakefront Trail begins on Ardmore Street and takes you out to the beach and continues south until 71st Street on the South Side.      

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