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Wandering In Wisconsin

Life had been moving just a little too fast over the last few weeks so we decided to take a weekend and visit Wisconsin to get away. After grabbing a rental car we were on our way, Spotify playlist and relaxing thoughts in tow.


First stop was Madison, WI. A place that all of our friends rave about, but Sarah and I had yet to visit. Upon arrival we quickly realized the "relaxation" factor we were searching for was nowhere to be found in Madison this weekend. Earth Day protests scattered the city leading to the capitol building's lawn. On top of the protests, the Midwest Horse Fair, and Wisconsin football spring game were also being held that weekend. Nevertheless, we wanted to see what Madison had to offer, so we enjoyed walking around town and soaking in the good weather.

Madison is a gem of a city, it has the perfect mix of college town and active city. Surrounded by lakes, mountain biking, and plenty of shops it would be hard to find yourself needing something to do. We headed to Tipsy Cow  for lunch and enjoyed the best cheese curds I've had in my life. They lasted maybe 3 minutes. From there we strolled back to our rental car and headed Lake Geneva, WI. 

Enjoying a beautiful Wisconsin sunset in our rear view mirror we used one of our favorite apps Hotel Tonight to book a room at The Abbey Resort, who kindly upgraded our room free of charge upon arrival! 


Waking up on Sunday morning, we enjoyed breakfast at Lake Geneva's Simple Cafe followed by window shopping their historic downtown area. From there we headed to the Lake Geneva Shore Path, taking in the beautiful weather and views. The lake is lined with beautiful homes in every direction. 

We ended our time in Wisconsin with a quick picnic at the park, then headed back to Chicago for another busy week.