Find Your Dream Client in 15 Minutes

Everywhere you look, whether in a marketing book, article, or from a professional in your field you hear the phrases “know your niche” or “know your ideal/dream client.” While I agree that this is important in nearly every asset of your business (website design, branding, portfolio, pricing, etc.) I also found it extremely difficult to find!

Below is a worksheet that I personally have used to discover my dream client and base most of my business decisions on. Tested by other creatives, this tutorial will take you step by step to discovering your dream client and networking with them today!

Step 1 – What Do You Create in Your Free Time?

Another way to look at this is, what do you create, read about, watch videos on, when you have a free Saturday afternoon?

What are some of your favorite personal projects? What is it about these projects that you love?

If you had a week to create anything of your choice, what would it be?

Look at your social media accounts and choose 3-5 of your favorite posts? What do they have in common? List the similarities below:

Step 2 – Take a look at 3 Top Professionals in Your Field

Once you have them in mind, answer the following questions with them in mind. The key is to be as specific as possible, the more information you can list the better it will clear things up for you down the road!

What is their industry/niche? (example: logo design or outdoor weddings)

What is their style?

Who do they work with? (example: USA Brands, couples in the age range of 25-35, food & beverage)

How did they get started? (This might take a little research, try visiting their website’s “about me” section if you’re having trouble. Interviews are another great way to find out this information)

Step 3 – Who Have Been Your Favorite Clients?

 Think back over the last 12 months, pick our 3-5 of the favorite clients you have worked with. If you don’t have 3-5 clients to choose from you can still do this exercise - Base on your dream client (hint: use your top professional answers as guidance)

What is their age, gender, and income level?

What is their style (be specific, what sets them apart, lifestyle, clothing, etc. ?

What are their values?

What specifically comes to mind when you think of them?

Step 4 – Find the Common Ground

Next, merge all your answers. What similarities do the top professionals have with your favorite past clients?

Does your dream client match up with your favorite personal projects?

Write down all of the common traits below.

Final Step – Network Your Niche

Afte completing Step 4 you should no have the perfect profile of your dream clien!

Keeping your dream client in mind look at your portfolio.

Does t speak directly to your dream client?

Is the copy generic or re you sing the actual language your dream client use?

Are your images, designs, work examples tailored t our dream client’s niche?

If so, write down 5-10 potential clients within your dream niche and reach out them. Send them a short and tailored email with examples of your work (precisely tailored to them).

I hope this helps you gain an Understanding of your dream client and start conversations with them as early as today! For a printable PDF version sign up here. 

If you have success using this guide or feedback, drop a comment below I would love to hear from you.