Pedaling Portland


Portland is one of the most bike friendly cities.  Even those who might be apprehensive about city biking, should give it a whirl.  Bike paths and routes are clearly marked and many streets offer designated bike lanes.  Cars are respectful to bikers and usually give you the right of way.  

On our trip, we rented a pair of city bikes from Waterfront Bicycles located just south of Burnside Street across from Waterfront Park.  There were many bike options to choose from.  We were given a map with many different bike routes that are best to see the city.  

After we had gotten our bikes and looked at the map to get a general idea of what streets to go on, we headed out.  It was a beautiful fall day with clear skies and warm temperatures.  We primarily wanted to see Portland's northeast and southeast neighborhoods.  We first made our way over to Mississippi Street and enjoyed looking at all the cute shops and restaurants.  The next area to check out was Alameda Street featuring beautiful old homes and fantastic views of the city.  From there, we made our way south to Hawthorne and enjoyed a nice downhill ride to the Hawthorne Bridge. 

We had the bikes for about two hours and were able to hit up the majority of Portland's East side. Although we didn't make many stops, we did cruise by some tucked away parks, lots of restaurants, and a plethora of shops.  Being from Chicago, we only got honked at once for being too aggressive on our bikes. Anyone who wants to see Portland should definitely pick up some bikes for the day and enjoy the accessibility the city offers to bikers, both seasoned and novice.