Why Cody?

I take a different approach that most creatives out there. 


My approach

I don’t try make round pegs fit into square holes. I know that every partnership is important to your team and brand’s identity (as well as mine). This is why, I like to have a real conversation about your brand, initiatives, and goals for our partnership. This allows space for us to get to know each other and decide if a partnering up makes sense, without wasting any of your budget.

My Goal

I know that you have a million things going on. Feeling that you need to babysit your creative is that last thing you want! My goal is to become an extension of your team for each project. Allowing you to breathe easy, knowing that I’m fulfilling your brand’s vision and applying my style to amazing content.

my promise

The key to a successful partnership is trust. I personally respond to all communications within 48 hours and work to gain your trust with each post.

Featured Partnerships

Munk Pack | The Robey Chicago

Take a look

Below are highlights of my photography work. Take a look to see how images like these can connect with your brand. 

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